Platform Strategy

JSB fills a void in the market for a creative, diversified platform serving both private and institutional investors. Our team leverages decades of experience and relationships to devise premium investment products across a broad spectrum of real estate asset classes.

Smarter Investing

We source, create, and manage real estate investment assets on behalf of our principals and co-investors, leveraging our team’s extensive origination network, command of complex debt structures, and operational acumen.


Our co-investors have access to everything we do on a real-time basis through our user-friendly investor portal. A hallmark of our platform is unfettered access to underwriting and property-specific data, comprehensive reporting, and regular delivery of high-quality information.

Risk Mitigation

We make deliberate investment decisions based upon extensive market and asset research, adhering closely to comprehensive risk controls.

Personalized Strategizing

We fill an acute need in the market for an institutional-caliber manager servicing the requirements of both private and institutional investors and allocators. Our trademark is an entrepreneurial yet measured team of experienced professionals recognized for its creativity, integrity, and consistent outcomes.


We empower private and institutional investors by delivering access to high-end specialized opportunities rarely available outside of pooled investment instruments.

With a focus on highly studied, risk-mitigated investments, we work carefully to generate tax-efficient returns through both regular cash income and longer-term capital appreciation.

We approach each investor interaction with an emphasis on personal engagement, strategic agility, and transparency.

Focus 1

Wisely investing capital – both ours and our co-investors

JSB adheres to an opportunistic, value-driven investment philosophy, pursuing sustainable cash flow, and targeting outsized, intermediate-term returns. We are not a fund and do not seek discretionary capital. Rather, we vest investors with the independence to make wise investment decisions based upon their own needs and objectives.


Leveraging decades of experience, market insight, and innovative investment strategies

Our senior team has worked closely together for many years, forming a cohesive, battle-tested unit. Team members bring a deep understanding of market cycles and macroeconomic conditions to each investment recommendation, providing investors the wherewithal to make reasoned investment decisions.  


Providing a transparent, institutional-caliber investment product

Team leadership fosters a company-wide culture of entrepreneurial spirit and ingenuity. Investment decisions are rooted in creativity and integrity, and guided by insight and risk-adjusted opportunity.


Cultivating and expanding personal relationships

Human relationships are the heart and soul of our business. We are a high-touch firm that embraces employees, co-sponsors and investors in an open and warm family environment. Nothing is more important to us than being additive to and important in the lives of our investors and partners.

Investments at a Glance

Our investments are informed by demographic insights, motivated by risk-mitigation, and grounded in a measured “speed to income” investment philosophy.