Balancing pragmatism and ingenuity

We tirelessly scour the real estate universe in search of opportunities across all market conditions, balancing pragmatism and ingenuity in pursuit of personalized opportunities for wealth generation. We learn from the past and look to the future to achieve strategic insights and optimized investments today.



Together, our team of industry veterans has collaboratively secured more than 200 investments and built countless enduring partnerships with trusted partners and co-investors.


Jay Lobell

Jeffrey Selinger

Jared Frydman

William Grant

Scott Liebman

Scott Strauss

Alejandro Ramirez

Daniel Genachowski

Bobby Svigals

Joseph Rousseau

Project & Asset Management

Amy Fischer-Smith

Aliza Klein

Jeffrey Barnes

Jonathan Amodio

Richard Grayburn

Development Management

James Stover

Eli Bechhofer

Investor Relations

Claudia Twilley

Judy Rosenberg

Capital Markets

Olivier Zippel

Douglas McKeige

Raphael Wassner

Joseph Melohn


Manan Shukla

Ankur Radia

Moshe Forman

Seema Shetty


Alison Friedman

Erin Talty

Shannon Byrne

Chelsea Whitaker

Sharon Carter

M’Linda Draughn

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Our seasoned team brings together decades of experience in acquisitions, structuring, legal, capital markets, operations, construction, accounting and management.